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The Mosses and Liverworts of Brecknock

by Ray Woods (2006)

134pp, b&w and colour photos, drawings, maps, distribution maps. The first study to cover the bryophytes of the area of Watsonian vice-county 42, Brecknock (now mostly Powys). The study describes what is known of the distribution of Brecknock’s 388 mosses, 151 liverworts and 1 hornwort.

Introduction, followed by the species accounts with distribution maps; interspersed with drawings, and enticing photos of habitats. A4 paperback .

ISBN 0954765915

Available from Summerfield Books

Graham Motley provided an update in 2014 which can be downloaded below.

Resources you may find useful

Motley, G. 2014 Update to Ray Woods’ The Mosses and Liverworts of Brecknock (2010)

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