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The current Census Catalogue was produced in 2008, and printed copies may be ordered below. Interim catalogues are periodically produced, as PDF files with accompanying spreadsheet. The latest of these is always available to download under the Resources menu, on the Checklists and Distribution page.

A new Census Catalogue is planned for 2021, and will use the names and taxonomic concepts from the 2020 British and Irish checklist.

Check-list and Census Catalogue of British and Irish bryophytes, 2008

by M.O. Hill, T.H. Blackstock, D.G. Long and G.P. Rothero

Published by the British Bryological Society.  Paperback, laminated covers. 184 pages.

The 2008 Census Catalogue presents a full revision of the classification, nomenclature and vice-county distribution of British and Irish bryophytes.  In 304 genera it lists 1056 species (4 hornworts, 297 liverworts, 755 mosses), 7 subspecies and 88 varieties.  Genera are arranged in families and orders according to recent global taxonomic arrangements by Crandall-Stotler, Stotler & Long (2008) for liverworts and Goffinet & Buck (2004) for mosses.  Nomenclature generally follows the standard British floras of Paton (1999) and Smith (2004).  All deviations from the nomenclature of these floras are fully annotated.  The 68764 vice-county occurrences correspond to an average 62 records per listed taxon, of which 10% are old (i.e. pre-1960) records.  All listed vice-county occurrences correspond to at least one localized record in the BBS database.

Checklist errors in the 2008 Census Catalogue

The genus Eremonotus should be in Jungermanniaceae not Gymnomitriaceae (supra-generic taxonomy, p. 24)
The following 7 names were wrongly attributed to De Notaris (Census Catalogue p. 113).  Corrected authorities are as follows.

Bryum alpinum Huds. ex With.
Rhodobryum (Schimp.) Limpr.
Rhodobryum roseum (Hedw.) Limpr.
Mielichhoferia Nees & Hornsch.
Mielichhoferia elongata (Hoppe & Hornsch. ex Hook.) Hornsch.
Mielichhoferia mielichhoferiana (Funck) Loeske
M. mielichhoferi auct.

Ordering the 2008 Census Catalogue

Order online using Paypal (Paypal account not required). The cost is £9.00 per copy including postage to anywhere.